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Music Beat

He's done work at some of the biggest stations in New York. WWRL, WOR, WCBS, WPAT, ESPN, just to name a few. Now he's head of Frank Allan Productions producing Radio and TV commercials and documentaries. His most favorite documentary is his childhood idol Moon Dog Alan Freed which he produced and narrated http://vimeo.com/19457445 Frank said many times before, if it weren't for Alan Freed, he probably would be doing something else. The first time he heard Alan Freed on the radio in the 50's, he knew right then and there he was destine to become a radio disc jockey. And now today he gets to entertain the world with his weekly oldies  radio show Music Beat.
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Frank-Allan-719265751501857/ 
twitter: https://twitter.com/FrankAllan


That Thing with Rich Appel

Rich has spent most of his life listening to and loving music and radio, and working in the radio, music and media businesses. From high school and college radio to recent on-air work at stations like WRNJ (where he hosted The Rest of the Week with Rich Appel and filled in mornings, middays and afternoons), WGHT and Pop Gold Radio (where he’s filled in as host for The Time Machine countdown), it’s all led up to that thing.

Rich’s background goes beyond just radio - far beyond. Following 20 years at Sony Music Entertainment (home to Columbia and RCA Records, among others), he was editor of Billboard’s Top 40 Update and continues to write for the magazine and website, with chart-based series such as “Hot 100’s Hottest Weeks” and "Revisionist History.” 

Rich co-authored Book of Days 60s and Book of Days 70s - each a by-day pop culture reference for its decade - and wrote the radio and music newsletter Hz So Good from 1996 to 2015.


Whats Your 20

I've been in radio since 1988, working at Philadelphia area stations WPEB FM (Philly), WAYV (Atlantic City) 1490 jAMs (Atlantic City), WNPV (Lansdale, PA) also the longest running hip hop station in Philadelphia, WUSL known as Power 99 FM and currently WDDF Radio in Drexel Hill, PA. I have spun records from night clubs to skating rinks to fire halls. I was inspired by the late, great Casey Kasem Rick Dees, Shadow Stevens and all of the great weekend American top 40 Countdown shows. I pride myself in my, as my wife puts it, head full of useless trivia--which I now put to use on my show. What's Your Twenty Started in September, 2016 and has almost 90 episodes I am a huge Beatles and disco freak. Oh and i guess I should mention that when I'm not doing the show I am a Licensed Practical Nurse for the past 20 years.


Romance Hour

Roy Beagley presents The Romance Hour each Sunday from 2pm. A perfect blend of classics from the likes of Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald with the contemporary talent from singers such as Adelle, Christine Parri, Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran together with love song classice from the 70's the 80's and the 90's. The perfect way to enjoy your Sunday Afternoon.


The Memory Lane Show

Retrosounds Radio was looking for a presenter who was smart, had a good vocabulary, a sense of humor and had tons of charisma. Instead we got Big Bob, a native of Detroit, Motown , Michigan. Bob's Memory Lane show features "Old Time Rock & Roll" along with charted hits from the 50's 60's and 70's, including one hit wonders and covers. Bob's database contains charted tunes from a variety of popular groups.

Contact Bob at http://memorylaneshow.com


Richy's Retro Roadshow

Richard Burns is the host of Richy’s Retro Roadshow … a music show dedicated to playing 70s and 80s chart, disco and soul records. Some we know as classics, and some we may have just forgotten about in the midst of time. One thing's for certain, you'll hear them all on the Retro Roadshow ...... the good, the bad and even the downright ugly.


 "Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and 70/80’s is the music I grew up with. There were some great bands around in those decades, some of which are still performing today."


Richard came into radio presenting later than most, but, he knows what he likes and more importantly, loves the music he knows.


"I don't believe there is good and bad music ... music is art, and like all art there is some we like and some we don't like. It’s as simple as that. Just because we don't like it doesn't make it bad !"


Contact Richard  at  www.richysretroroadshow.wixsite.com/roadshow


Solid Gold Jukebox

Join Mark Hanna,  for 2 hours each week, when he and his Giant Jukebox play the best music of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


Mark has been playing the tunes of these decades since he was in college. He has been on the radio, a mobile DJ, and since, 2006, on the Internet with his show, “JUKEBOX GOLD.”


In addition to the songs, each show has retro Jingles and special features, such as: A Motown Memory, A Trip to the Psychedelic 60s, The Sound of Philadelphia, No Words, Just Music, and more!


Oldies Radio Show

Having made a nuisance of myself at several commercial and BBC local radio stations over the years, I found myself on air presenting a Sunday morning show on Radio Caroline at the turn of the millennium. I found a home at my local community radio station and then decided to have a go at syndicating my own show where I can play my kind of music. For my sins I am a QPR supporter but don't know why as they never come and see me when I'm bad. My favourite drink is tea, especially when a packet of bourbon biscuits is attached to it. I also enjoy hill walking in Norfolk.


The Jazz Funk & Soul Show

Clive started His DJ career in 1976 at the height of the disco boom, playing at private events. By the early 80s he was a DJ at some of the London Clubs before joining one of Londons biggest FM soul pirate stations "LWR".
Clive went on to present shows professionally at several commercial FM stations around the UK.
He now brings his classic jazz funk and soul show to Retro Sounds Radio every Thursday at 1pm with a repeat at midnight Saturday morning.


The Mop Tops & The King

Steve Chelmsford is the host of "The Mop Tops & The King" and has been a fan of The Beatles and Elvis Presley since he was two years old. Steve got his start in radio when he met Dusty Fenders and Carl Brownfield, two local radio personalities on "Radio Goldfield", a small community radio station in the middle of the Nevada desert.  Steve developed a friendship with Carl & Dusty and soon became a member of "The Carl and Dusty Radio Boogie" writing jingles and other musical pieces. About a year later, Radio Goldfield asked Steve if he would be interested in having his own show. In a previous life, Steve was a research engineer with the Air Force Research Laboratory for nearly 30 years. He is a life-long resident of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.


The Motown Show

A Philly native, Ryan has been spinnin' the wax  for many years on the radio & other Internet stations. He has a vast knowledge & a great love for yestersday' s hits. Spend Saturday night from 10pm to Midnight with Ryan and enjoy those Motown Classics the second time around


Go Retro

Hi, I am Mark, I love music & I love radio.

I enjoy eating out & relaxing at home with a nice bit of fried chicked watching classic sitcoms & stand up comedy.

Join me for 'Go Retro' feel good 80s & 90s tunes, the songs that you know & love plus some that won't have heard for ages. 



That Seventies Sound

Dave has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The Loughborogh Hospitals Broacasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975.
In fact Dave was the Station Manager for several years.
He was also associated with Radio Fox in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show. Radio Fox provides entertainment and information for hospital patients in his home city of Leicester
Dave has, over the years,  worked for both Commercial and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide. He started as a Studio Assistant at
BBC Radio Leicester in 1976.
He was used as a Commercial 'Voice Over' talent by both Radio Trent in Nottingham and Mercia Sound in Coventry in the nineteen eighties.
Dave has also worked in the USA, Canada and Indonesia


Sixties Express

John Farmery has always had an interest in radio, right from the early Sixties,
when I listened to Radio Luxembourg and Pick of The Pops, with the late great Alan Freeman.
John was a teenager during the Sixties and a Twenty something during the Seventies.
Those two decades were the most exciting times to be young..plenty of jobs and money.
Now he is left with the memories..My two shows,
The Sixties Express and The Seventies Show,
which you can listen to on this great Radio Station,
allow me to play some of the greatest music ever made by iconic artists.
​Please join me and share the great music Contact John at johnfarmery93@gmail.com


Colin has had an interest in radio since a child when he ''broadcast'' old 78's around the neighbourhood. He has worked on commercial stations both on air and behind the scenes as a voice talent. In the early 80's he produced a 60's top 40 show on Community Radio in Bankstown and later Liverpool in Sydney  NSW Australia. Colin now produces his weekly show which is heard all over the world.

Contact Colin  http://www.rewindtothe70s.com


Kevin has been behind the mic since the 70's working in radio, a nightclub DJ and mobile DJ and loves sharing the music. He presents Back to the 70's 


Dan Hawthorne, a 20+ year radio vet, comes together with Patricia Garber, published author and fellow Elvis aficionado, to lead Blue Suede Connection–two hours of Elvis, Elvis, Elvis!–where fun and laughs mix with the music.
So make your connection right here!
Dan loves inspiring others with his life changing story, and encouraging and letting everybody know you truly can get your life back. Behind the mic is where Dan belongs, entertaining, inspiring and sharing his love for Elvis along with putting a smile on faces, doing what he does best.
Long time Elvis fan and fabulist, Patricia Garber, weaves her knowledge of the legend Elvis Presley into stories that connect with fan’s across the globe.


Hi, I'm Hollyj, the j is for Jones.  I started in Radio Presenting almost five years ago, with a local Radio Station.  I was slightly out of my comfort zone the first time I stepped foot into a real life studio and my very first show was LIVE on Air.  years.  LOL.   I started off by playing just the 60's but my audience asked for some 50's and then some 70's, so I now play the 50's 60's and the 70's.  That's a lot of music to pack in in two hours.  I hope you'll enjoy my music and keep coming back.  Thank you Hollyj



Like many radio presenters, Gary started as a mobile DJ. From there he went on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned he jumped at the chance to join Skyline Gold in Southampton.
It soon became apparent that other stations were sometimes short of presenters, and the norm in those days was to play automated music. He offered a show to Forest FM - Sounds Of The 70s - which he still presents there to date, and soon realised that here was a gap that needed filling elsewhere


Paulette Jackson, Founder/CEO of SCORP Radio Network, host of "The Classic Soul Music Café" Internet Radio Show, Voiceover  Artist (My company, Ms. Music’s Voice)  and published author of "The Music In Me".

Paulette is also the Program Director of WMEL Radio (internet station) and co-host of The DJ Mel Show on WMEL Radio. 

She attended and  graduated from the  Cleveland School of the Arts as a Dance and Vocal Music Major, 1983-1987 and attended Master Voiceover Classes at Such A Voice, based in Burlington, VT. Her love has always been music and entertainment and has  worked in many areas of the business.

She has  two adult daughters, Paris 27 and Brooke 26 who also have a love of music and dance.


Born in Portsmouth, in the UK, Chris Jensen started his radio career with "Portsmouth Hospital Radio" in 1976, where he read the news and sports results, as well as presenting the occasional music programme.

In 1979 Chris moved to live in Ireland, where he got heavily involved in the pirate radio scene there, working on a number of stations based in the Irish midlands, going on to own or part-own 4 pirate radio stations, the first of which opened in 1983 and the last, a short-wave station, which was heard throughout northern Europe, closed in 2008, whilst at the same time producing recorded programmes for pirate radio stations in Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain and Chile in South America.

Chris retired from radio in 2008, though being an avid music and radio lover, is wasn't long before he came out of retirement, but this time he decided he was doing it legally, and started presenting and producing his own Golden Oldies format radio programme


Dave Mac hosts – The Retro Chart Show. Bringing back those days where you sat by your radio on a Sunday afternoon to hear the latest hits in the UK Charts. Dave relives those years by playing the hits from the UK charts on this day in history from the 60’s to the 90’s with loads of trivia about the songs thrown in for good measure. Dave loves unearthing tracks that haven’t been played on the radio for years, so your guaranteed to hear something fresh and different every week.

Dave has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has worked extensively as a presenter in Scottish commercial radio for most of those years. He is a self confessed chart geek with an extensive music library of vinyl and CD’s that you can hear him play on the Retro Chart Show. He’s a handy man to have on your pub quiz team as well as there’s hardly a random fact about music he doesn’t know! The Retro Chart Show started in 2015 and can now be heard on over 30 radio stations worldwide and is particularly popular in British ex-pat hotspots across the world where people look forward to their weekly musical trip back to the UK!

The show has a Facebook page. www.facebook.com/theretrochartshow


“The Daily Beatle Break” – Monday through Friday at 3.00pm . Hosted by Dave Marino, The Daily Beatle Break is intended to educate listeners about the influence the Beatles have had on Rock & Roll! Each episode features one Beatles song along with the story behind it – including rare outtakes and alternate song versions by the Beatles!



Dennis Mitchell is your host for Breakfast with the Beatles. Among the longest-running and most popular of all weekly Beatles radio shows anywhere in the world. Join Dennis  each Saturday for a fun two-hour musical journey, and check back often for updates on the phenomenon that continues to make history


Alan Nicklin's Guilty Pleasures is a radio show playing only the great songs from the past few decades and also some of those songs that you haven't heard for ages and just make you want to turn the radio up!




It's time to dust off those old 45's and remember the days when vinyl was king. That's what Alec Nicol does  as he brings you his shows Vinyl Days & The Lovezone to Retrosounds Radio

Vinyl Days is a Radio show with music from the 1960`s through to the 1990`s. 52 Weeks a year he plays you the best classic hits anywhere. 
Features of the show include:

  • Song requests, tell us which songs mean a lot to you.

  • The Three in a Row quiz.

  • Double Play.

  • Weekly Riddle.

  • Top Three from the Past

  • The Lovezone show  plays the very best love songs - both classic love ballads which have stood the test of time


The Camino Concept’ began on Internet Radio in Arizona, in 2016.  But, as a hobby, ‘Billy’ has been a Volunteer Presenter throughout his entire adulthood. He’s always enjoyed sharing ‘Theme Mix Concepts of Oldies Music’, for Family, Friends, Ministry and Community


Mike Overnight believes that overnight radio or real early morning radio has been over looked for years.

Starting his first overnight radio job back in the seventies Mike learned that people tune in late night wanting someone to be there to keep them entertained and informed.

So The Mike Overnight Show was born.

For 30 years Mike has stayed with the idea of late night or overnight entertainment adding humor, games and personal notes to his show on just about anything.



It all started in 1971 .. After the usual apprenticeship 'on the road' I must have been doing something right because in the space of a year I found myself selling the mobile disco kit, the van and associated bits and pieces to work for two radio stations, now defunct - (I must be a jinx) in the South of England. From there I was engaged by an entertainment agency as a DJ/Presenter/Compare and even a presenter for HRB .. a Hospital Radio Broadcasting company in the East of England .. That too was rewarding and fun.One highlight that will forever be a fond memory was meeting, and working with the ‘Emperor Rosko’ at a gig. Coming in second place was just fine when ‘doing it’ with the great man. He’s still going strong so there’s hope for me yet!


James Riley with his Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour provides a full perspective of classic and current rockabilly music along with fascinating interviews that give the listener a chance to hear news and views direct from some of the biggest names in the business.  His devotion and tireless efforts bring the best selection of both classic and new sounds to those who are already well versed in rockabilly and roots music and those who are just discovering it.  The world of rockabilly music is bigger and stronger with him on the scene.  James Riley is bringing us all the best and all the rest that rockabilly and roots music has to offer


Steve Riley will be spinning some of the classic tracks from Northern Soul’s legendary clubs: The Twisted Wheel, The Torch, Blackpool Mecca, Wigan Casino and more. Come and get those memories and relive those amazing all-nighters and stonking all-dayers!


Ever since I was 8 years old, I knew I wanted to be in radio and play the music that I was hearing in the car. I can remember being in my bedroom and playing “radio” with a boombox and a bunch of CD’s. Well, fast forward to 2010, I got to host a show on the college radio station called, “The Friday Night Renegade Show” which was basically me and a group of friends getting together and just having a ball on the airwaves every Friday night. That lasted until 2012 when I left the college station and put the show on hold for 3 years. In 2015, I started attending broadcasting school and I decided to bring the show back but this time brand it as “The Renegade Show” and that’s how the show that you are hearing came to be. What was once a 2 hour college radio show is now 3 hours of fun, excitement and of course music. I take all your requests on our Renegade Lines and I enjoy hearing feedback from you! Listen in, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!


Keith has a barrow full of experience in radio!
After a spell of mobile DJ'ing Keith secured a residency in the internationally famous JOLLEES CABARET CLUB, in Staffordshire England, during the seventies, where he worked with many national and international celebrities.
By the nineties Keith fulfilled his lifelong ambition joining the BBC as a Freelance Radio Presenter/Producer. Since then Keith has worked on many radio stations, and for two years ran his own station in the UK.
Keith has presented many internet based shows but now concentrates on  a new one hour show, Keith Graham's Golden Hour featuring all genres of music.


Like many radio presenters of a 'certain age', I caught the radio ‘bug’ when I listened to the pirates in the 1960s on my 'tranny'. The jingles were my favourite part and ‘Big L’ had the best ones. In the seventies, I started broadcasting on a hospital radio station in Surrey and one of my shows won a national competition for best hospital radio programme. Noel Edmonds was one of the judges! In 1976, I became a Butlin's redcoat presenting music and chat from their Radio Butlin studios at Clacton in Essex. Great fun, but very hard work. In the 1990's, I did the weekday morning show on Eclipse FM which broadcast on cable and FM. One of our directors was Dave Cash. A couple of years ago, I did a spell on the weekday afternoon show of a commercial station at the seaside in East Sussex.  I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it!

Contact : www.happyhourshow.weebly.com


Playing your requests for the best tunes from the 50's through to the 70's


Call 312 869 2068




 I live and work in Leicestershire. For many years I worked on the radio networks for BT, but now my work involves  promoting road safety to, mainly adult, motorists. At Christmas 2016 I finally retired from the road safety scene but have been helping two of our good friends at a local cattery.

 After a lifelong interest in radio broadcasting I started as a volunteer presenter, engineer & fundraiser  in hospital radio in 2007. My main signature programme was "Easy Sunday". I started recording programmes from home a year or so later and have carried on ever since


Susanne was introduced to Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly music at a young age and her love for this genre has as always stayed with here. 

 Each week she play tracks from the first days of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rockabilly through to the Revival of the 70’s and 80’s, including some R&B and Doo-wop numbers, both traditional and obscure, 



Born in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame City, Cleveland OH (Go Browns!), Chuck Matthews is a 25+ year broadcast veteran who's on air shenanigans include multiple Marconi Award winner WMJI/Cleveland, WTRG/Raleigh, WLCL/Atlanta, WAKR/Akron (where Alan Freed once worked), DMX Primestar Satellite (now DirecTV) as host of the Good Times, Great Oldies channel, and more. Chuck is also an accomplished national voiceover talent with credits that include The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl LI, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Cleveland Clinic, and more. Now, Chuck Matthews goes Coast to Coast one more time, on Greatest Hits USA, playing America’s favorites!


Paul has been creating radio shows since he was old enough to work a tape recorder. Now, some 45 years later, he feels he is dangerously close to actually being good at it.

.Paul’s been a voice over artist for 30 years now, and in his new show–ReelMusic, he really wants the tunes to do the talking. You’ll hear chart hits made famous by movies, TV themes from shows both new and old, and lots more.

There’ll be brain teasers, random mixes and stuff you’ve never heard before, blended together in a show so eclectic, you’ll swear he’s making it up as he goes along.


Elaine presents Covers each week featuring songs that were hits by other artists and also a monthly Doo Wop program of the best vocal harmony from the 1950’s and early 1960’s. 
Elaine’s entire career revolves around the magazine publishing industry.  Among other companies, she worked for Billboard in the late 1970’s.  She lives in Connecticut, USA and says,  “I love my Kindle, love my cat Birdie and miss the pub in Yorkshire that gave me Black Sheep Ale coasters.


 I Like all kind of music and playing it out whenever possible on radio for people to listen to.
Have presented on internet stations around the world for the last 8 years


Dan Sweeney is a Chicago native. He grew up listening to WCFL and WLS in the classic top 40 era.  Dan was a radio personality in HS (WLTL, La Grange, IL) and College (WVXU, Cincinnati). In 2017 he created “Dan Sweeney’s One Hit Wonders” at KKSM, 1320AM in Oceanside CA.  Now, One Hit Wonders can be heard on stations coast to coast in the USA, Canada, England and New Zealand.
Besides radio, Dan has had a successful carrier in Cable TV and TV technology.  He worked for Showtime, and regularly hosted weekend previews on local cable systems, selling Showtime “on the air”.  Later, he worked for TV Guide (the cable TV “on screen” guide you couldn’t control) and developed interactive program guides that are now common place.  The fun continued with Buzztime games, the multiplayer interactive trivia games in cable TV homes and bars, available all over the United States

Fully Licenced in the UK with the PPL & the PRS

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