Show Schedule


Mike Overnight

The Mike Overnight Show
For those who stay up all night
This radio show is for you
With great music from the 70's, 80's and 90's
and with short notes about the songs
and a little humour too


Chris Jenson

The “Chris Jensen Wireless Programme” is a weekly, one hour golden-oldies based format, with a good dollop of Chris’ dry humour and plenty of gags, just to brighten up your day.


Jeff  Michaels

The Music Expert Retro Countdown

The show, hosted by Jeff Michaels, is a weekly, 4 hour journey through a week in time. We pick a date close to the broadcast date and countdown the entire top 40. Plus add features and songs below the 40 to create a nice spectrum of things to bring the listener back.


Alec Nicol

Vinyl Days is a Radio show with music from the 1960`s through to the 1990`s.
We give you the 3 in a row quiz, a double play and a weekly riddle in the show as well.
Also we take you back with our top 3 of the past it could be from any year from 1960 right through to 1989 and don`t forget there is also 3 Classic love songs back to back in the 2nd hour


Steve Chelmsford

The Mop Tops & The King. A one hour radio show featuring the music of The Beatles and Elvis Presley with some fun surprises in between.  Our goal is to bring joy and happiness to the world through the music of The Beatles and Elvis one listener at a time


John Farmery

John Farmery Eighties Show brings you the best music from the eighties


Jim Stevens

The  Happy Hour Show  is 60 minutes of ​up-beat 'oldies' music
with lots of fun stuff and pop puzzles to brighten up your day!


Richy Burns

Richy's Retro  Roadshow An eclectic mix of 70's & 80's Chart and Disco hits.


Dave Marino

The Daily Beatles Break
Intended to educate listeners about the influence the Beatles have had on popular music for decades!!! The Daily Beatle Break is a Monday thru Friday market exclusive feature (approximately 3-6 minutes long), including 1 Beatles song


Kevin Larkin

Back to the 70's

BACK TO THE 70's with Kevin Larkin is an hour long journey back in time. Reliving the music and memories that defined the 1970's. Each episode includes special features like a Disco Flashback, a Meltdown Song, a 70's TV Tune and more! 


Alan Nicklin

Guilty Pleasures

Join Alan as he plays you his ‘Guilty Pleasures’, he will play some of those songs you don’t hear on UK radio very often & others that will make you turn up the radio they are so good. Each week Guilty Pleasures plays a mix of big hit songs that sound great on the radio, some you probably haven’t heard on the radio for a while, and a few that were hits in other countries like America, Australia or Canada


Chris Masters

Chris Masters presents what's best described as THE 'free-form' radio show with great music and a whole host of fun wacky topical features.  It's called The Renegade Show 
Chris started The Renegade Show when he was studying in college in 2010 and continued until 2012. 4 years ago, he decided to bring it back on air after graduating from Broadcasting School.   
Each week Chris presents a Forgotten Song of the Week (where he picks an obscure or rarely heard song whether it be past or present), A #1 Song This Day, News You Can't Use, and the Renegade Pick of the Week Countdown.


Chuck Matthews

Greatest Hits USA with Chuck Matthews
Greatest Hits USA takes you through the past, with the music of the 60‘s 70‘s & beyond. 
Plus the fun stuff like News from the Past, the Birthday Bunch & with your Requests on our Toll Free Hotline, (855-USA-HITS)you become part of the show

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